Studies into the History of Russia and Central-Eastern Europe, vol. 52, no 3 (2017)

p007 0 00 01Table of content


p007 0 00 01Andrzej Nowak, Eastern Europe and the British Imperial Imagination, 1914–1919

p007 0 00 01Małgorzata Gmurczyk-Wrońska, Not Russia, but France and England shall decide about Poland: the diplomatic action of Roman Dmowski in 1916–1917

p007 0 00 01Marek Kornat, Szymon Askenazy as a diplomat of the Reborn Poland (1920–1923)

p007 0 00 01Marek Wojnar, The struggle for dominance in Eurasia: “The international politics of Ukrainian nationalism” by Bohdan Kordiuk in the context of geopolitical concepts of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists during the 1930s

p007 0 00 01Daniel Boćkowski, Janusz Korczak, Aleksander Lewin and the Polish orphanage in Monetna in the Urals

p007 0 00 01Przemysław Adamczewski, Documents related to the Caucasus during the Second World War in the archive of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London

p007 0 00 01Michał Jerzy Zacharias, Intelligentsia and a new class. Political elites according to Jan Wacław Machajski and Milovan Djilas

p007 0 00 01Krzysztof Buchowski, Lithuanian New Foreign Policy (2004–2009)

p007 0 00 01Łukasz Dryblak, The role and significance of Russian doctrinal documents, with particular focus on information security doctrines from 2000 and 2016


p007 0 00 01Paweł Libera, Polish authorities and the attempt to create the Caucasian Confederation (1917–1940)

Reviews articles and reviews

p007 0 00 01Joanna Rak, On George Gilbert’s The Radical Right in Late Imperial Russia