Studies into the History of Russia and Central-Eastern Europe, vol. 52, no 1 (2017)

p007 0 00 01Table of content


p007 0 00 01Jarosław Rubacha, Bulgarians and Bulgaria in the Last Quarter of the Nineteenth Century in Jan Grzegorzewski’s Publications (Internal Policy, Foreign Policy)

p007 0 00 01Przemysław Adamczewski, The Construction of the Catholic Church in Nikolsk-Ussuriysky (Ussuriysk) in the Light of the Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East in Vladivostok

p007 0 00 01Gennadii Korolov, “Anticolonial Intellectual” Anton Łuckiewicz and “Hybrid Nationalist” Otto Eichelman. A Comparative Study of Federalist Utopias

p007 0 00 01Hubert Kuberski, Russian Emigrants and Polish Underground in 1939–1948


p007 0 00 01Paweł Bielicki, The Iron Curtain as an Aspect of the Sovietisation of Eastern Europe in 1949–1953

p007 0 00 01Vladas Sirutavičius, On the Polish National and Territorial Autonomy in Lithuania (the Spring–Summer of 1991)

p007 0 00 01Eugeniusz Mironowicz, Belorussian-Lithuanian Political and Economic Relations (1990–2015)

p007 0 00 01Michał Kozłowski, Emanuel Halicz – More than Scientist’s Profile