Studies into the History of Russia and Central-Eastern Europe, vol. 53. Special Issue (2018)

p007 0 00 01Table of content


p007 0 00 01Paweł Krokosz, The power of the Russian Empire – the military aspect in the work of selected Russian painters from the 18th until the early 20th century


p007 0 00 01Przemysław Adamczewski, On the correspondence of the Adam Czartoryski party with imam Shamil and his naibs

p007 0 00 01Jarosław Rubacha, The Central Powers and the Balkans. A Study of Diplomatic Activities of Germany and Austro-Hungary in Southeast Europe (1909–1913)


p007 0 00 01Grzegorz Zackiewicz, Polish political elites on events in Russia in the first months after the November 1917 Bolshevik coup d'état


p007 0 00 01Henryk Walczak, Antecedents of the internment of the highest authorities of the Second Polish Republic in Romania in September 1939

p007 0 00 01Anna Bańkowska, Jewish social welfare institutions and facilities in the General Government from 1939 to 1944. A preliminary study

p007 0 00 01Marek Wojnar, A minor ally or a minor enemy? The Hungarian issue in the political thought and activity of Ukrainian integral nationalists
(until 1941)

p007 0 00 01Olga Gontarska, Searching for inclusive narrative: Crimean Tatars in Ukrainian films

p007 0 00 01Krzysztof Popek, The Mufti Institution in the Bulgaria at the Beginning of the 20th Century. A Case Study