Studies into the History of Russia and Central-Eastern Europe, vol. XLVIII (2013)


p007 0 00 01Aleksandra Julia Leinwand, Russia in the propaganda of Polish national uprisings, 1768‑1864. Select issues

p007 0 00 01Hanna Marczewska‑Zagdańska, American‑Russian relations in the times of the American Civil War (1861‑1865)

p007 0 00 01Bartłomiej Rusin, Lewis Namier, the Curzon Line, and the shaping of Poland’s eastern frontier after World War I

p007 0 00 01Maciej Górny, “Futuristic geography”. The role of geographers in shaping the borders of East Central and South‑Eastern Europe, 1914‑1920

p007 0 00 01Andrzej M. Brzeziński, Oskar Halecki – the advocate of Central and Eastern European countries in the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations (1922‑1925)

p007 0 00 01Ernest Komoński, Anthropology of fear. Ukrainian massacres of the Polish population in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia, 1943‑1944

p007 0 00 01Renata Król‑Mazur, GU(U)AM – from declaration to reality

p007 0 00 01Krzysztof Langowski, The beginnings of the Józef Piłsudski Institute in New York (1943‑1956). Part II (1951‑1956)